Our Club

Welcome, the Montreal Badminton Club is non profit organization for over 30 years. Our goal is to help promote health and fitness through sports. You can come alone or with a partner, our board system will pair you in a doubles or mixed doubles format.  You must be an adult 18 years or over.

You don’t need to reserve courts, just bring your racket and come play. You’ll play on average 6-8 matches per evening with minimal wait times depending on the number of players present. Please advise before coming if you’d like to play as a guest.

Come try out before you join, we recommend all new players come play as a guest before registering to see the level of play and whether the club suits you. We look forward to welcoming you to the club!

Our season is made up of 2 sessions from September to April. 

        • Session 1: September to December
        • Session 2: January to April

Club hours: Mon & Wed 6:45PM-9:30PM

Location: 3635 Atwater, H3H 1Y4 (Sacred Heart Gym)

Guest fee: $15/person (feather birds supplied)

The Montreal Badminton Club uses a peg system. We have 6 hard wood courts and players generally play doubles or mixed doubles. Players play 1 game of 21  with players of  equal calibre.  If there are courts available towards the end of the evening singles play may be allowed but players must supply their own birds.

Click here for a video on how our board works.

We adhere to a strict code of conduct:

  • Respect other members and guests on and off the court.
  • Any type of deliberate violence will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in an immediate termination of your membership without refund.
  • Verbal abuse of any kind will be NOT be tolerated.
  • Players have the right of refusal to play. If a player declines to play – move on. Do not complain to us, we can not force others to play with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come with a partner?

No you don’t. You may come alone or with a partner, our board system will help setup your games in a double or mixed doubles format.

Can I try before joining?

Yes. You can request to come play as a guest up to 3 times and if there’s room to join you’re welcome.

What is the level of play?

Female players range from beginner to advanced, male players are advanced (no beginners).

How many games will I play?

Between 6-8 games per night.

How long will I wait between games?

Wait times are minimal averaging between 2 –  10 minutes depending on the amount of players present.

Can I reserve a court or rent a racket?

We do not reserve courts or rent rackets.

What do I need to bring?

All you need is your racket and a good pair of court shoes, we’ll supply the rest!

Partner Match

Choose your own matches or we can set up your matches
with different partners of equal calibre. No need to reserve courts,
bring birds or find partners, just bring your racket and court shoes,
we will provide the rest!

Centrally Located

Come join us after work or school, we are within walking distance
of metro Guy Concordia and Atwater near Westmount.
If you’re driving we have free parking.

In town short term? you’re welcome to come join us, meet new people and get some exercise!

Bienvenue les Française!

Feather Birds

High quality feather shuttlecocks, pre-steamed and supplied.

The best badminton club in Montreal!

Félix L.

Friendly people. Good caliber (from beginner to provincial A)

J. Goudreau

The best price for badminton with feather shuttles included. Membership is a no-brainer. Are you new? Maybe it'll take some time to fit in, but it'll be worth it.

Landrew Mac

Executive Committee